If you’re new to Scuba diving or looking for your next diving adventure there’s no better place than at our shop and learning center over-looking Lake Michigan at the Port Washington harbor.

IANTD Scuba Classes

We are dedicated to providing you with a learning experience that promotes safety and readiness. That’s why we teach IANTD. All IANTD Scuba classes require practice in the pool before you venture into the open water, plus an evaluation standard that goes beyond a simple pass/fail model and helps you become a safe and ready diver.

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Scuba Experience Demo 

Make your first bubbles underwater. Learn the basics of scuba diving. Build your confidence with a IANTD Divemaster or Instructor by your side while you take the first steps into the Underwater world.  

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Scuba Diving Refresher 

Are you Certified? Has it been over 6 month since you last dove? Take a refresher and be ready for your next Dive Adventure!

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     e-Learning Open Water Diver

Learn at your leisure at home or where its best for you! Digital Book and Classroom. Save $150.00  You’ll complete this course ready to scuba dive up to 60 feet with another certified scuba diver.

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Open Water Diver

Take the first step to starting your new life as a certified scuba diver. You’ll complete this course ready to scuba dive up to 60 feet with another certified scuba diver.

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Enriched Air Nitrox

Add to your skills and prepare to move into deeper depths. After you complete this course you will be certified to use EANx in your scuba tanks and extend bottom time.

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Advanced Open Water Diver

Advance your skills and take your scuba diving adventure to deeper depths. You’ll be certified to 100 fsw after you complete this course.

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The Pit, Cenotes

Deep Diver

Reach the maximum recreational depths and see the wonders of the deep. You’ll be certified to 130 fsw after you complete this course.

Reach the Deepest Depths
rescue divers

Rescue Diver

Be prepared for anything. This course will teach how to be a better buddy and give you the skills to help divers in distress with a level head.

Get Prepared to Save a Life
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Recreational Trimix Diver

The journey never ends. This course will introduce you to Helium. After this course you’ll be certified to dive with recreational trimix.

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Open Water Sidemount Diver

Twice the air means longer time underwater. When you’re done with the class you’ll be ready to dive with two tanks.

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Diver Alert Network

DAN BLS, Neurological Assessment, First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries  & Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries

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Advanced EANx-Deco & Adv. Rec. Trimix Diver

Get ready to dive up to 170 fsw with trimix in your tank with a max deco-stop of 15 minutes

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Wreck Diver

Learn the skills you’ll need to explore the sunken wrecks hidden in the deep.

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Dry Suit Diver

Stay warm no matter where you dive, learn how to dive your new dry suit.

heat up the cold waters

Night Diver

Learn what you need to know to experience the amazing night life of the underwater world.

stay out late and dive
ice diving

Ice Diver

Learn what you need to know to experience the amazing night life of the underwater world.

Dive All Year
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Boat Diver

Become a better boat diver. This course teaches you all about the boat, what to expect when diving off a boat, and proper boat etiquette.

Be a boat diver expert
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Underwater Navigation

Learn and practice the best ways to navigate the world underwater with this specialty training.

Guide your next dive
Gas Mixing 

EANx Blender

This Program is designed to train competent personnel in the safe handling of oxygen and the preparation of EANx blend.

Mix your own Nitrox
Gas Mixing 

Trimix Gas Blender 

This course covers how to safely and accurately mix o2,helium, and with filtered air to make the desired Trimix diving blend.

Become a mix master
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Divemaster Internship

Immerse yourself in scuba diving to become a scuba diving professional. As a divermaster intern at Port Deco Divers you will learn all aspects of the scuba industry and build your scuba diving knowledge. When you complete this internship, you’ll be prepared to guide divers, assist intructors, and lead scuba demos in enclosed water.

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Scuba Instructor

Share your skills and passion for diving with others. Become a scuba instructor and you’ll get to teach new scuba divers what the world of diving is all about. Contact us to discuss what you need to become a scuba instructor.

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PADI Scuba Classes

We have PADI instructors too. Just give us a call and we can provide PADI certification scuba classes at request.

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Scuba diving demo & Refresher

Want to try scuba duvung out before you get certified, or want to refresh your scuba skills before your upcoming trip? No problem. If you don’t have your own, we’ll fit you in scuba gear, show you the basics, and let you experience diving in a pool. Demos are great for testing it out or for parties and scout troops.

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